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Spring Has Sprung and the Festivals have Begun

Howdy Y'all, it's been a while since I rapped at ya, but like I've said countless times before, we've been very busy.  I'd love to tell you, right here and now, that we have a solid opening date set, but sadly, I can't. We're close though...oh, so very close. Floors are polished, walls are...

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The Evolution of a Brewhouse Floor

Howdy Y'all! So maybe some of you good folks out there on the information superhighway have been poppin' by our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and following our progress here in Sawdust City. I've been doin' my darndest to keep all y'all informed and up to date on how the...

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Episode 2014 - A New Hope

As the rusty hinges of another year creak loudly shut behind us, we lean forward and reach out excitedly too turn the shiny door knob of a new year (expect in Vancouver where they've banned door knobs. Brilliant).  And as this passage way to a new year slowly opens ahead of us, we take time to reflect on...

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The Dust has Actually Started to Fly!

Howdy Y'all, it's only been one little ol'month since I done talked to y'all, but shoot if a lot of goin's on ain't transpired since then.Firstly and most importantly, the dust FINALLY done start to fly! It's still 2013, so we done just got in under the wire, but yep,...

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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Apologies

Howdy Y'all, so it's been quite sometime since I done rapped at y'all but as you've been able to see through our Facebook and Twitter feeds, we've been pretty dang busy. Unfortunately this here post, my first in a few months, brings with it some bad news. We've decided to...

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