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A Place To Stand - All-Ontario Pilsner
A Place To Stand - All-Ontario Pilsner
Sawdust City Brewing Co

A Place To Stand - All-Ontario Pilsner

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A Place To Stand
All-Ontario Pilsner

Originally brewed in celebration of Canada's 150th anniversary we continue this collaboration tradition with our pals at Great Lakes Brewery to brew a beer we feel not only showcases all that Ontario has to offer but also truly represents our home and native land. Using 100% Ontario grown ingredients, we've brewed a classic pilsner style lager using malt from the good folks at Barn Owl (Belleville ON) and hops from the VQH farm (Eden, ON). This lager has a light, cracker body that builds to a hop- forward yet dry finish. It's the perfect beer to enjoy on the dock or patio this summer. A Place to Stand is truly a taste of Ontario!

Give us a place to stand and a place to grow and we’ll call this land Ontari-ari-ari-o!
Sam's Take on: A Place To Stand
This beer has become one of my annual favourites. Not only do I get to hang out with our pals from GLB but we also get to work with the good folks from the VQH hop farm and the Barn Owl maltery. And in the end, we get a great tasting pilsner brewed with 100% Ontario grown ingredients. I just love the perfect golden colour and the rich, hay character we get from the malt. It looks just beautiful. And the spicy aroma provided by the hops is a great lead in for this beer. It’s sharp bitterness and hop finish bring it all together. It’s a great beer to enjoy with friends or just relaxing on the back deck after a long day.

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