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Adaptation: Sabro - Dry-Hopped Kölsch
Sawdust City Brewing Co

Adaptation: Sabro - Dry-Hopped Kölsch

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5.5% / 20 IBU

Adaptation Sabro begins with a smooth Kölsch base to showcase another of our favourite hop flavours - Sabro. By hopping our lagered ale, we start with a blank canvas that allows the Sabro aromas of coconut, stone fruit and tropical fruits to shine through and land center-stage for a robust, hoppy brew, nicely balanced by a lagered ale backbone.


Sam's Take On: Adaptation Sabro

Whenever we get a new hop in, we really want to see how it presents in a beer. Sometimes what you smell in a hop rub doesn’t always translate to the finished product. So in order to get the real flavour and aromas, we need to brew a beer that will showcase the hop. This is why we started the Adaptation series a few years back, to use a blank canvas to showcase each hop. Seeing how Sabro has been the new ‘it hop’ over the last year or so, we decided to give it the ‘Adaptation treatment’ to show you what all the fuss is about.



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