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Coriolis Effect - Berliner Weisse (Kettle Sour)
Sawdust City Brewing Co

Coriolis Effect - Berliner Weisse (Kettle Sour)

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We all make choices and often those choices define who we are. Should we continue moving forward and stay with the status quo or should we turn in a different direction and strike out on our own? Together with our good friends at BarHop, we chose to move in a different direction. We elected to steer clear of the mundane and turn towards the obscure. The Coriolis Effect is an old world, traditional German-style Berliner Weiss, brewed with new world techniques. Refreshingly tart, brilliantly lively and perfect for a summer day, this unique beer style is exactly what you’re searching for if you’re looking to move in your own direction!

Coriolis Effect - Berliner Weisse

3.5% alc. / vol. - Light Sour Beer / Bière Aigre Légère

Sam's Take on Coriolis Effect:

A number of years ago, Matt Bod from BarHop and I discussed brewing a Berliner Weiss style ale for the summer time. Their chef at the time was going to create syrups for the beer from ingredients he sourced from his home.  And we’d serve it in the traditional method you’d see in Berlin. We did a small amount that first summer and it sold really well. After that first year, we decided we wanted to continue brewing it but on a larger scale at Sawdust City. We tweaked the recipe adding a bit more Idaho 7 hops at the end of boil to bring out a little bit more lemon character.  Since then it’s become a summer time favourite here, with a few fun versions coming out throughout the summer as well.

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