5.0% alc / vol.


Pouring a beautiful reddish, purple you can’t help but admire the colour in your glass  Aromas of juicy fruits leap out with a distinct sangria vibe and just a of hint hops, Spicy and juicy, this summer drink is perfect for late nights on the patio with friends.

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Patio Nights

We wanted to continue to have fun playing around with this brand, while staying with the fun of the drink mixes. Last year’s Patio Nights used the same tea and I thought it tasted great. So the team and I thought we would try it with it’s own unique base beer this year to see how it would taste. We really enjoyed it with the Gnarnia/Electric Storm blend from last year, but thought it could use a little less hops, so we lightened the hop charge but kept the body. We also like the added sweetness from the lactose, so we kept that as well. And behold, we had a tasty summer drink!

Sam Corbeil



Water: Pure Muskoka water

Barley/Malt: 2 Row, Wheat, Carafoam

Hops: Mosaic, Galaxy

Yeast: California Ale

Other: Sangria Hibiscus Tea, Lactose Sugar


Original Gravity: 12.0°P

International Bitterness Units: 15

Standard Reference Method: 14

Final Gravity: 3.0°P

Storing Temp. Serving Temp.  Cellarable? Glassware
4-8°C 4-8°C Yes Snifter