8.5% alc./vol.


For the 5th installment of our collabo series with Eastbound Brewing, this year’s Sam & Dave Christmas Ale is a decidedly different take than in years past.  Leaving the Belgian styles we normally do, this year we are going to try our hand at a Farmhouse Christmas Ale. Utilizing a new hybrid saison/kveik yeast from the Escarpment Yeast labs and lightening up the colour, this year’s offering is most certainly different from years past.  With a fruity and spicy yeast driven aroma, a blend of 5 different malts, and some fun new hops, there is definitely lots to feel merry for about this special holiday release. Pouring a dusty unfiltered orange, it has a fluffy white head with aromas of spice, melon, apple and honey. The flavour has a ton of spice from the rye malt and saaz hops with a touch of bruised apple and fruit. The elevated ABV, gives a full bodied mouthfeel with a noticeable alcohol warming. A real holiday sipper to be enjoyed with family & friends.


Water: Pure Muskoka water

Barley/Malt: IREKS Pilsner, IREKS Vienna, Rye, Wheat

Hops: Saaz, Most

Yeast: Jotunn


Original Gravity: 17.3°P

International Bitterness Units: 15

Standard Reference Method: 5

Final Gravity: 1.8°P


Soft cheese (brie)

White fish

Thai green curry

Storing Temp. Serving Temp.  Cellarable?


3-5°C 3-6°C Yes Belgian Balloon

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