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Adaptation: Brett - Kolsch Finished with Brett
Sawdust City Brewing Co

Adaptation: Brett - Kolsch Finished with Brett

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Adaptation: Brett

Kolsch Finished With Brett

By using a recipe very similar to our Gateway Kölsch as our base, we begin with a blank canvas on which to create a new beer. We pitched Brett D during primary fermentation to see how the flavour was affected and the results are fantastic. You still get the drinkability of our Kölsch, with its mild, cracker malt body and light bitterness, but with a distinct Brett farmhouse aroma. The final result is slightly citrusy, like overripe pineapple, yet still pleasant and approachable. With a mild malt body, distinctly fruity middle and very dry finish, the flavour isn't overwhelming but it gives you a good idea of how a secondary Brett fermentation can affect an otherwise clean beer.

5.0% alc. / vol. - Beer / Bière


Sam's Take on: Adaptation Brett

This beer began as an experiment with Brew Culture, Tooth & Nail, Stone City, Indie Ale House and us. Using White Labs Brett D, we all brewed the same beer (as much as humanly possible) but used different primary yeasts and then pitched Brett D halfway through fermentation. The goal was, given the same recipe and fermentation parameters, to see which primary yeast was most affected by the Brett character.

For our part, the base beer was very similar to our Kölsch recipe and we used our California Ale yeast as the primary.  We found that early on, any Brett character in our beer was very muted… so we let it sit for 3 months. As the beer continued to age in the fermenter, it began to develop a nice farmhouse Brett aroma and flavour.  It’s not overwhelming, or a Brett ‘bomb’, but it gives you a good idea of how Brett secondary fermentation can affect the flavour of an otherwise clean beer. We hope you enjoy!

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