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Twin Pines - Double IPA
Twin Pines - Double IPA
Sawdust City Brewing Co

Twin Pines - Double IPA

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This 8.8% double India pale ale is loaded with tropical hop aromas and flavours. If you like hops, and we know you do, you’re gonna wanna try the Twin Pines IIPA. It’s a  tribute to one of Sawdust City’s favourite Sci-fi flicks. Whether you’re a fan of the film or not, I’m sure you’re gonna love this ale.

Twin Pines - IIPA

8.8% alc. / vol. - Strong Beer / Bière Forte

Release date: Thursday March 28th


Sam's Take on Twin Pines:

Many moons ago when Lone Pine was first released, Zack from Toronto Brewing asked if the name was a Back to the Future reference. As soon as he said that, I so badly wished it was, but I had to regretfully tell him that no, it wasn’t.

From that day forward, I vowed to tap into that reference and make an imperial version of Lone Pine and call it Twin Pines. It would take a few years (until we opened our space in Gravenhurst) but it eventually did happen. The release of Twin Pines and our embracing of the joke, eased my conscience and erased a grave mistake I felt I had made in the past. Kinda like going back to the future myself.

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